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Virtual Dealer's Den


Welcome to my virtual den table! You may be interested to know that my slots are officially open as of 3rd June, for October 2021- January 2022 Completion. Base prices can be found here. Payment plans welcome, get floofed in time for NFC 2022! Email with enquiries.


For now, please enjoy our selection of Paws and Tails! You can add pads/claws to the paws. They will be shipped quickly as they are in stock. Later on and after in the con, I may re-add some that are sold as made to order items for a higher price, which would be made and shipped within 3 weeks,


If shopping from ouside the UK please be aware there will be customs and import fees, which can be as high as 32% of the price of the item to Europe now. We also sell faux fur fabric, fursuit parts, head bases and more. In the NFC Discord you can also find my premades for sale, which you can message me about privately in Discord or telegram - xmipsy, or email

10% of proceeds from the premades go to the NFC charity and 2 Euros from each item sold in this virtual den section will also go to the NFC charity


10% off everything with code NFC' at checkout.   -- Mipsy

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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