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Q: Do you use real fur?
A: I only use high quality faux (fake) fur in my products. Besides the moral issues there would be no benefit from me using real fur - faux fur will last longer and can look just as realistic for realistic style suits.

Q: What is a duct tape dummy?
A: It is made from wrapping someone in duct tape to get a copy of them that can the be stuffed at our end and used to make a fursuit that will perfectly fit you.

Q: How do I make a duct tape dummy?
A: There is a very good guide for this here.

Q: How do I wash my fursuit?
A: There is a very good guide for this here.

My quick tips:

Do not use heat in washing or drying.

Do not submerge the head or feet, instead use isoproyl alcohol or a fursuit spray on them and a damp cloth.

Everything else can be submerged unless it has airbrushing. Remove padding from bodysuit and wash seperately. It can all go in a cool bath with a teaspoon of baby shampoo mixed in, or in the washing machine on the coolest setting with a teaspoon of a detergent and fabic softener. If hand paws have claws, put them in a pillow case before washing

Do not apply heat in the drying process. Also do not hang the bodysuit while drying or otherwise as this will stretch the fabric, Instead, drape it over something like a rack over the bath or a clothes horse/maiden. You can apply the wind, or cool fans, to speed the drying process up. Turn over if required.

Get a slicker brush and brush throughout the drying process

Q: Do you make form fitting suits

A: I can, the colour variety may be limited but do ask

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