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​All prices include shipping to the UK. I sell worldwide so anywhere else the shipping would be calculated at the end. Make sure to allow for that and any import tax if you're not in the UK.

Contact email:

Don't hesitate to send an email for a quote or to discuss your ideas, I'll get back to you asap.

I offer payment plans, I need a 25% non-refundable deposit before I order materials or make a start. To secure a slot I only need the first payment on a plan agreed by both of us.

Digitigrade Fullsuit
Plantigrade Fullsuit
Mipsy fursuit head

Quadsuits (£5400+)

Digitigrade fullsuits

Plantigrade fullsuits

Partial suits
(£1850+ mini partial/
£2250+ with feet)

Heads (£1500+)

Whats included with each?


Optional joined arm stilts included. Choice between mouth, neck, or camera + monitor vision included, or a combo. £100 towards markings and optional extras.


Fullsuit including hand and foot paws, tail and head. Bodysuit​ will contain padding in the legs for a more authentic look.​​ Includes £100 towards markings and optional extras.

Optional Extras


  • Custom padding (Price varies, ask during quote if wanted) e.g. kemono, feminine, muscles, custom shaped digitigrade, dropped crotch

  • Use stretch fur (Price varies, ask during quote if wanted)



 Fullsuit including bodysuit, hand and foot paws, tail and head.​​ Includes £100 towards markings and optional extras. Includes £75 towards markings or extras.

Optional Extras


  • Custom padding (Price varies, ask during quote if wanted) e.g. feminine or muscles

  • Use stretch fur (Price varies, ask during quote if wanted)



Partial fursuit that includes head, hand paws, feet paws and a tail. Includes £50​ towards markings or extras



A custom made head of your character; foam base with toony static eyes, fleece nose and fleece tongue. Includes £25​ towards markings or extras.


List of Optional add-ons (not sold seperately)

A complete list of all add-on's you can add to your desired commission.

Head base info

  • The default will be 3d sculpted then 3d printed as I think this offers the best result for my style, best moving jaw, and offers ventilation, perfect symmetry and custom sizing. Changes are much easier to implement this way too. You can choose from flexible or rigid filament. Flexible offers most protection from being dropped, rigid make lightweight heads.

  • If you want the head base to be sculpted foam, expanding foam, or resin, this is possible and adds £100.

  • Moving jaws are included and are the default with a neutral happy expression. You are welcome to switch to static jaw for built in expressions such as extra happy, toothy and crazed, or grumpy.

  • Policy for using outside head bases - knocks £200 from my base prices but cost of the base and everything to go with it by the maker including shipping to me must be covered or paid. Recommended base makers - Stuffed Panda Studios, Fuzzbutt Fursuits, Dreamvision Creations, Schneepardi, Runaway Workshop, Otterly Tiffin, but others are welcome.

  • All heads come with a fan inside the head which connects to a power bank in the neck.

Hair options

  • Tuft between ears: Included, just request it or have it on your ref

  • Fur hair (can be NFT or any other fur) > from £50 for a tufty fringe or mohawk, up to £250 for a full mane/ponytail

  • Wig hair (changeable) (+£100, then +£75 for additional wigs after the first)

Eyes options

  • You can choose between static or following eyes

  • You can choose between realistic or toony style

  • Kemono style eyes (+£75)​

  • Magnetic eyebrows: £25 install, then £25 per eyebrow

  • Magnetic static toony eyes: £25 install, then £25 per eyes

  • Magnetic eyelids: £25 install, then £25 per eyelid

  • Light up eyes (EL wire toony, LED realistic): +£20


  • Teeth included if desired (neoprene plush or sculpted solid ones, simple, just fangs for top jaw, 4 front bottom teeth, 4 bottom side teeth)

  • Tongue included if desired (toony fleece/realistic silicone)

  • Complex full set of teeth (full set of plush or realistic teeth) +£50

  • Any nose included - silicone, minky, fleece, neoprene, vinyl, plastic, etc.

  • Whiskers (+£25)

  • Magnetic tongue: £10 install magnets, then £15 per tongue​

  • Matching plushie (£60 base price for around 20cm height, +£2.50 per sewn in marking)

  • Have your DTD made for you (+£50) (made at a con or in Warrington)

Hand and Foot Paw options

Hand paws

  • Pads +£25 fleece, minky, lycra or vinyl/£40 silicone

  • Claws: £25 solid or fabric / £75 clear with LEDs

  • Puffy paws +£50

  • Armsleeves (+£100 + markings)

Feet paws
me with outside soles. Indoor soles on request or if you add pads

  • Simple sandals to protect indoor feet (+£50)

  • Magnetic changeable inside and outside soles (+£75)

  • Pads +£25 fleece, minky, lycra or vinyl/£50 silicone

  • Claws £25 solid or fabric / £75 clear with LEDs

  • Extra set of feet (+350 + extras)

  • Extra set of hands (+£125 + extras)

Wing guide

  • Chibi back wings (+£200)

  • Small back wings (+£400)

  • Arm wings (+£800)

  • Medium back wings (+£850)

  • Large back wings (+£1400)

  • Moving large back wings (aluminum frame, magnetic fur covers) (+£1400) (+£800 for extra fur covers after first)

  • Moving xl back wings (aluminium frame, magnetic fur covers) (+£2000) (+£1000 for extra fur covers after first)

  • Arm wings with fan movement (+£1400​)

  • Anything else (horns, airbrushing, feathers, scales etc) vary and can be discussed in email.

  • Markings such as spots and stripes up to the first 10 are included, more add £7.50 each. Complex markings may count as multiple markings.

  • Stream making your suit on Twitch: £10 per 3 hour stream, up to 10 streams per project


Repair Policy/ Warranty

All above options include 5 hours of free repairs/ changes during the process.

I'll always tell you first if something will require you to use these.
Then 5 hours at £5/hr then £10/hr thereafter.
​You pay shipping to me, I pay shipping back to you.

Convention repairs possible but are £20/hr as I would rather do them at home

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