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Head Bases

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Head base description and info:

All head bases are 3d printed. You will be able to choose between Flexible filament and Rigid filament. Both are stronger than heads printed with regular PLA or ABS filaments. The Flexible one can be compressed and dropped without fear of breaking at all, the Rigid one is also impact resistant and is comparable to resin heads.

If you intend to change eye hole shapes or remove noses, bases can be cut into if first heated with a heat gun, please wear appropriate safety equipment, especially a respirator that filters vapors if you intend to do this. All bases also come with pellets of thermoplastic which you can melt with a heat gun or hot water to attach your head straps and make a chin stop, please observe the same safety guidelines if you want to use this.

All heads are printed to 245mm height as standard, and are sculpted to fit up to a 24 inch circumference head, if you'd like me to change this for your print just include that in notes at checkout or email

If you buy the pre-hinged add-on, I will fit either a Dream Vision Creations or a Furrista Vee hinge before shipping your order. If you don't buy the pre-hinged add-on, bases will have the jaw line mostly cut except for a small piece left intact that can be cut with a blade.

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