Mipsy’s Quarterly Fur Order ~

Fursuit makers in  the UK and Europe: Let’s make faux fur cheaper for ourselves!

​Contact me:
Email: charna@furrytailor.co.uk
Telegram: xmipsy
Facebook: Mipsy Mctaff or facebook.com/furrytailor
Twitter: xmipsy

​Next Order will be 3rd December 2020. Open for orders now until 2nd December.

Tracking numbers will be shared with you and I will ship to you using Parcelforce 48 / Royal Mail first class / DPD  the day after receiving the shipment. Your fur is likely to be with you between 12th - 25th December. Custom orders like head bases take much longer than this and occasionally things can be held up either with suppliers or at customs. We do all we can to minimise this and will keep you informed, currently we are avoiding using USPS due to long shipping times.

To order - read this page, message me what you want, provide shipping address, discuss and confirm with me by 7pm on 2nd December and pay by bank transfer or Paypal in full by midnight on 2nd December.

Suppliers -
— once a supplier goes over their minimum order amount between us (snown next to each supplier below) we will definitely order from there — order early if you know you’d like to order so other makers know — if there’s a supplier you want to be added just let me know. See fursuitmaterials.com for inspiration

Fabric.com 3/1

Mendels.com 0/4

howlfabrics.com 2/1

hairymannscloset.com 0/1 (in sq ft)

crscraft.com 0/3

bigzfabric.com 16/1

​fursuitsupplies.com 0/3

Thailand Fur Factory 0/1

Head base, claws, eyes, fans, etc suppliers. For the purpose calculating the minimum for the below shops we consider roughly each $100 in cart in these shops the equivalent of 1 yard in the other shops.

dreamvisioncreations 1/2

stuffedpandastudios 0/2

fuzzbuttfursuits 0/2

---- Info ----

We've all been hit by crazy shipping fees on one yard of fabric. The worst for me was £105 after shipping and customs for two half yard pieces of fur from howl fabric that would have been £35 to those in the US at the time.

So I'm planning to order fur from America (and others if you want) 4 times a year - Feb 3rd, June 3rd, September 3rd and December 3rd, all to be sent to me to be sent on to you. Minimum order between all of us is shown above, e.g. 0/4 means 4 yards would be required, so you might want 1 yard from crscrafts.com and another person wants 3 yards, so we have enough to make the order.


All costs below include shipping to your door, no additional costs or customs fees to pay.

Fabric.com: £41/yd
Big Z: £44/yd
Fursuitsupplies: £53/yd
Howl: £54/yd

Thailand Factory: £54/yd
Mendels: £59/yd

American crscraft: [cost pre shipping +30%] +£25/order

Hairymannscloset: [cost pre shipping +30% ] +£10/order

DVC/Fuzzbutt/Stuffedpanda [cost pre shipping +30%] +£25/order



All samples are [actual cost plus £5 per shop]

Exceptions may happen (eg if you want minky from fabric.com or vinyl from big z or something) just message me in those cases and we could work something out



You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal, those who choose bank transfer get an extra 2% off.


Shipping to anywhere in Europe is possible, just anywhere outside mainland UK adds another £5/yd


Any orders that are 5 yards or more across your order get 5% off. Any orders that are 10 yards or more across your order get 8% off. This quarterly order tends to save you the most money if you're getting under 5 yards from each shop, but you're welcome to get any amount, do your own calculations to check. This is to help bigger orders to be more worth doing here.

We donate 50p per yard to Leapfrog every order to offset our emissions, and 50p per yard to fursuitmaterials.com to help their maintenance costs as it's a helpful resource.

—- terms —-
— if you pay early and we don’t reach the threshold to order, the full amount of money you sent me for that shop will be refunded on the date the order is due to be made and the order won't go ahead-

— there is a bank account exclusively for this that will not be touched so your money is not at risk --


— you can request a full refund at any time before making the order and you can make as many changes as you like for free. After we make the order there are no refunds.


— all orders in by 7pm the day before the order date (so usually by 7pm on the 2nd). If you're waiting to order until the last minute, consider setting a reminder so you don't miss it.


—you can reallocate funds, change which furs you want and add things any time, just pay the price difference or I'll refund it if it's less, just ensure your order is exactly how you want it by the deadline.

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