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Welcome to Mipsy's Quarterly Fur Order

Welcome to the UK based Quarterly fur order, where we import faux furs from around the world together so that we can decrease the cost per yard / meter of fabric.

We will make four quarterly orders per year. Here are the deadlines to join each, with the order actually being made the day after:


2nd October at 7pm

2nd January at 7pm

2nd April at 7pm

2nd July at 7pm

You can see how the current order is going on the trello, here: Quarterly UK Fur Order


Before this date, you may contact me (Mipsy / Charna Hodson) to make any changes to your order, including adding more or cancelling anything for a full refund. After this deadline if the order has hit the minimum order (usually 5 yards between us from each shop) the order will be placed. If the minimums weren't hit, the order is carried over to the next month. If it has carried over to the next month rather than been ordered you are welcome to request a refund.

You can contact me and initiate an order at:


Telegram: xmipsy

Twitter: xmipsy

Facebook: Furry Tailor or Mipsy McTaff

I have a telegram channel also for impromtu orders where I give 48 hours notice before I make an order for myself, this channel can be found here. This can be anywhere I am ordering from which would benefit from group orders. Some likely ones that may come up are DVC, NFT, Howl, Big Z, Japanese Stretch Boa Fur and Daiso Mochi Stuffing.

Usually you can expect your fur to be with you around 2-3 weeks after the deadline. However, we are at the whim of customs and historically a few orders have been delayed and took 8 weeks to arrive.

Prices for each shop are currently as follows, and include everything required to get your order to your door within the UK.  Orders from elsewhere welcome but you'll need to also pay the shipping difference from the UK to your country. The names link to the sites for your convenience. Feel free to request for another shop to be added. I revise these often in an attempt to reflect the true costs.

Big Z - £53/yd or £33 per half yard

Howl - £54/yd or £33 per half yard

CanFur - £60/yd or £40 per half yard - £55/yd

Fursuit Supplies - £55/yd

Thailand Factory - £55/yd

Mendels - £60/yd

Japanese Stretch Fur - £80 per 90cm x 100cm

CRsCraft - Ask Mipsy for quote

HairyMannsCloset - Ask Mipsy for quote

Dream Vision Creations - Ask Mipsy for quote

Fuzzbutt - Ask Mipsy for quote

Stuffed Panda - Ask Mipsy for quote

Some things may be an exception, for example minky fabric from Big Z or would be cheaper, as these prices are based on the most popular furs ordered. Get a quote from Mipsy for odd fabric requests.

Prices per yard include a 50p donation per yard to Animal Charity Evaluators recommended charities via EA funds - each 50p offsets around 100kg of co2 equivalent and improves animal welfare, and also includes a 50p donation to to help keep a great resource running. Proof of these donations are on the Trello. For transparency I also tend to average getting  £2.50/yard profit from these orders, which helps cover my time packing, sending and taking orders, though I have made losses in the past, of course I try to avoid this and try to find the fairest balance.


These prices are if payment is through Paypal goods and services. If you are happy with bank transfer I can give an additional 2% off.

Also, you get an additional 5% off if you buy 4 yards/half yards or more in the order, and 8% off if you buy 8 yards/half yards or more in the order, not limited to one shop.

--- Terms of service for the quarterly order ---

-- Your order must be agreed and paid for by order deadline of 7pm GMT on the 2nd of the month of the order you would like to join. 

-- If you order something and change your mind you can make changes as much as you like (within reason) and I will edit your order refund you / charge you the difference accordingly until the order deadline

- Once the order deadline has passed if we have sufficient orders to make the order, beyond this point a refund cannot be given for any reason. If we do not have sufficient orders to make the order, your order will be rolled over to the next order, and you can make changes and request refunds as before.

-- If something happens to the order outside of our control after the order is made such as postage companies losing the parcel, you are then entitled to a full refund, however it can take up to 40 working days from the order date to claim refunds from postage companies first. Fortunately this is highly unlikely.

-- We recommend you get your order in as soon as you can so others can check the trello and know an order is closer to happening, but you are also welcome to wait until the last minute if that suits you better! If we are far from a deadline however, or even if it's soon, if the fur you need is very important to a specific project we recommend just ordering it directly yourself as there is a risk that the fur you order will go out of stock before we get around to our order

Thanks for helping us all have better access to faux furs,



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