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Clearance - Premade Paws and Tails

Update 16/06/2022 - Shop is on hiatus while Mipsy takes maternity leave, check back in a couple of months! If you need supplies in the meantime this is always a great resource: accidental orders will be refunded

This is the stock I've been bringing to conventions. I won't be able to make any conventions for a while and when I'm back I'd like to bring all new stock, so I am selling all my existing stock here! Keep checking back! All paws and tails will be reduced in price by 5% each week until everything is sold. Add pads and claws to paws if desired by buying the 'add fleece or minky claws' / 'add fleece or minky pads' items with your paws. Any sold paws will be brushed and trimmed a little more before shipping.. Some have 4 digits, some have 5 digits. Reselling welcome if you find the items cheap enough to profit from. Buy in bulk for a further discount, contact me @xmipsy on telegram or twitter to discuss that.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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