Per meter -- this is discounted as it is crinkled.
 We swear by this stuff, it’s stretchy - suitable for fursuit faces, toes, wings, padded fingers and even full form fitting fursuits. You could of course also use it for it’s intended purpose of high quality puppets. You can use the Henson stitch to perfectly hide the seams, you can hand dye it any colour using Rit dyes, you  can airbrush it for a more realistic look. 100% nylon. It’s what the muppets are made of. I don’t think anyone else in the UK sell it anymore and barely anyone worldwide. Warnings: it has a glittery sheen, not double sided like normal fleeces, it pills if you brush it too much so don’t, except where hiding seams, as with fur treat with care and don’t wash or dry in high heats

White antron fleece - Crinkled

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  • As this will be cut to size I will not accept returns unless the item has been lost or is faulty. There may in extreme cases be slight crinkle to the fur, and the colour may vary from the photo, these would not qualify as faults. If there are other faults feel free to return it to us in the condition it was recieved within 14 days for a full refund