All bases shown are made from the kloofsuits PDFs available here


10% of all money made from the sale of each of these bases will go to Kloof. I also reccomend their Youtube channel for tutorials.


The Fox example shown was made by myself following one of these patterns. The others are examples made by Kloof herself.


I am making foam bases for sale using this pattern rather than my own designs as they are simple and mindless to follow. When sculpting a head for a commissioned fursuit I get more feedback from the commissioner and follow my own process. That way is too draining to sell as bases-only, and this way you will know exactly what you can expect!


All bases will be made on a balaclava made by ourselves. Select the moving jaw option to have a one-size-fits-most moving jaw mechanism built into your base. Bear in mind moving jaws on a foam head base are not quite as sensitive as moving jaws on a resin or 3d printed head base.


Head Base will be made and sent within 3 weeks


If bought from outside the UK and not with other products the ears will be incuded but not glued on, otherwise the ears will be glued in place.

Foam Sculpted Head Base Made with a Kloofsuits Pattern

Would you like to add a moving jaw?

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