These terms are for custom commissions. Any simple orders that aren’t custom made are standard procedure of sale subject to usual UK consumer law.

Terms of Service
These terms are in place to protect both the seller and the buyer where possible, and to help maintain a consistent work schedule.

By agreeing to the below terms and conditions, you are agreeing by law to abide by them throughout the process of any purchase or commission of any product from Furry Tailor. Any breach of these terms may result in cancellation of the project or sale, and a partial refund given upon review of the breach.

We will not complete any sales or custom orders with anyone under the age of 18 years. If you continue with a commission from me after being directed to this page, you agree that you are over the age of 18, and that you agree with these terms of service.

- the first 25% of the total is non-refundable, once that point is crossed I'll order the materials and your slot is secured. Sometimes I allow the slot to be secured with less if a payment plan is in place, but the non-refundable amount will always be 25%. For items with value under £500 the non-refundable amount is 50%..

- Let me know as soon as you are aware if you need to miss a payment, at most you can extend your payment plan and skip 2 months in an emergency. Likewise, I may delay completion for 2 months in an emergency. We must have an open conversation and agree to any extension up to or beyond this. Two months past your completion date is the most I can guarantee and I am very unlikely to extend it further than this. Your commission will not be sent until I have received payment in full.

- For anything that requires participation your end, please be timely in your responses and provide measurements when asked. As a rule my preference is to receive your measurements and duct tape dummy 6 weeks prior to your start date. If you delay production to such a point it impacts other clients I will have to cancel, a 2 week notice as an opportunity to remedy this will be given if this is becoming a problem,

- If you should have to cancel or cannot complete payment after 2 months after the fursuit is made, I will refund anything above that non-refundable amount, tweak the design and sell the fursuit as a premade.

- If your items get lost in the post or I get an illness that makes it impossible to make your fursuit, it is my responsibility to remake/refund you in full.

- 5 hours of repairs are included, including the first return shipping. The next 5 are £5/hr then £10/hr thereafter. If anything needs repair please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We strive for 100% satisfaction, if you’re unhappy with your order please let us know and we will strive to make it right. We may consider a refund of up to everything except the non-refundable amount if you cover postage and return the items in the condition they arrived, within 14 days of receipt. This is for extreme cases if we are at fault and at our discretion, if it is simply a change of heart or needing the funds back we would not give this maximum refund, but may still offer a smaller exchange.

We live in a smoke-free home. However we do own an Akita. She is not allowed in the work room but stray furs can end up on clothes as we walk through the house. Please bear this in mind if you commission from us and if you’re severely allergic to dogs you may need to consider avoiding purchasing from us.

Thank you,
Mipsy / Charna Hume

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